A lot of my time is spent composing and arranging for various projects. I have been commissioned by the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra, Opera Australia, the Queensland Music Festival, The Australian National Academy of Music, and by various other organisations. My work for the concert stage includes orchestral and chamber music, a song cycle and works for the AAO. I have written three major stage works, and am working on a fourth at the moment. These larger scale compositions have allowed me to integrate various influences coming from many different kinds of music and musical cultures.

Recent Commissions

‘Smoke’ for 18 players (ANAM 2011)

‘Tall Tales’ for large jazz ensemble (AAO 2009)

‘Shirley Avenue’ for Organ, Recorders, Trumpet and Drumkit (Melbourne International Jazz Festival 2009)

‘Looking for Ray’ for Narrator and 5 players (QMF 2009)

‘Ten Healing Songs’ for Oboe (CA), String Quartet, and Jazz Piano Trio (Hush Foundation 2006)

‘Before Time Could Change Us’ for soprano voice and jazz quartet (QMF 2003)

‘Streets of Hurqalya’ (MSO 2002)

‘Love in the Age of Therapy’ (Opera Australia 2000-2002)

‘Variations D’un Gout Etranger’ on a Theme of Marin Marais for 12 players (AAO 2001)