Paul has written music for films and television series, many of which have been acknowledged with awards or nominations in the Australian Film Industry Awards. His work includes soundtracks for Fred Schepisi’s acclaimed films It Runs In The Family and Last Orders, Paul Cox’s Innocence and Moloka’i, and Disney’s The Jungle Book 2.

Like a Dream, 2009

Feature film, directed by Clara Law

Matching Jack, 2009

Feature film, directed by Nadia Tass

The Art of War, 2006

Documentary series, directed by John Hughes (Aus)

The Remarkable Mr Kaye, 2005

Documentary, directed by Paul Cox (Aus)

Somebodies, 2005

Feature film, directed by Hadjii (US)

Unfolding Florence, 2005

Documentary, directed by Gillian Armstrong (Aus)

The Fine Art of Love, 2005

Feature film, directed by John Irvin (UK/Italy/Czech Rep)

Empire Falls, 2004

TV miniseries, directed Fred Schepisi (US)

Human Touch, 2004

Feature film, directed by Paul Cox (Aus)

Jessica, 2004

TV Movie, dir Peter Andrikidis

The Diaries of Vaclav Nijinsky, 2001

Feature, directed by Paul Cox (AUS)

last orders fim poster

Last Orders, 2001

Feature directed by Fred Schepisi

“Paul Grabowsky’s music score enhances the drama on every level.” – David Stratton, 13.09.01

Shiner film poster

Shiner, 2000

Feature film directed by John Irvin (UK)

Innocence, 2000

Feature, directed by Paul Cox (AUS)

Noah's Ark poster

Noah's Ark, 1999

TV Mini Series (USA)

Siam Sunset poster

Siam Sunset, 1998/99

Feature directed by John Polson (AUS)

Earlier films

  • Moloka’i (1998): Feature AUS/BELGIUM
  • The Bite (1996): TV Miniseries AUS/UK
  • Access All Areas (1996): Music series, AUS
  • Lust and Revenge (1995): Feature, AUS
  • Lucky Break (1994): Feature, AUS
  • Mushrooms (1994): Feature, AUS
  • The Good Looker (1994): Documentary, AUS
  • Exile (1994): Feature, AUS
  • Seven Deadly Sins (1992): TV Miniseries, AUS
  • Lift-Off (1992): 26-part children’s Series, AUS
  • Phoenix (1991): 13-part drama series, AUS
  • The Last Days Of Chez Nous (1991, Warner Music): Feature, AUS
  • A Woman’s Tale (1991): Feature, AUS
  • Police Crop (1990): Docu/Drama, AUS
  • Tonight Live (1990-93): Variety show, AUS
  • Fast Forward (1989-1992): Comedy Series, AUS
  • Cassidy (1988): 4-part miniseries, AUS
  • Georgia (1988): Feature, AUS
  • The Bit Par (1987): Feature, AUS
  • Dusty, the Series (1987): 6-part TV miniseries, AUS
  • The Petrov Affair (1986): – 4-part TV miniseries, AUS