Tenor  saxophonist Jamie Oehlers and I love to mess around with chromatic harmony, polytonality and the spontaneity that comes from feeling comfortable with how we interact. We decided it would be fun to apply this feeling of freedom to a set of standards, some very well known, and others less so. On a Clear Day is the result, in which the fun is shared with a great rhythm section: Sam Anning, bass and drummer Ben Vanderwal.

Track List

  1. On a Clear day – Jamie Oehlers 8:59
  2. Lazy Afternoon – Jamie Oehlers 8:33
  3. I’ve Never Been in Love Before – Jamie Oehlers 6:55
  4. Round Midnight – Jamie Oehlers 7:23
  5. When the Sun Comes Out – Jamie Oehlers 8:08
  6. I Didn’t Know What It Was – Jamie Oehlers 6:46
  7. Soul Eyes – Jamie Oehlers 7.46